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:3 :3

I am truly grateful to be part of this.

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Fluid motion.

What I liked about this movie was the use of motion. The paddles went back and forth and the ball's motion smearing was pretty good. The different ways the paddles confronted each other kept the movie away from monotony. The rain and background were nice touches to the movie, and I think it helped set the tone of the movie.

The choice of audio was good. It wasn't intrusive, but it could still be noticed. It had an eerie feel to it, and without it, the movie would have felt empty.

Unfortunately, it may have been too fast to enjoy comfortably. I would say the paddles should have started off slow, as if it were a more regular game, but quickly escalates to the level of "violence" you show in the movie. The paddles "wiggle" around a lot and stretch and contract frequently, and you could work on making straighter paddles that look and behave as rigid objects, not abstract lines.

Using ping-pong is a good change from generic stickman movies, and I think you should start trying out frame-by-frame animation that goes "beyond" stickmen. Well done.

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TEKUHASHI responds:

thanks for the review :D

Fun to watch

It's entertaining to see what'll be drawn every time I click that thingy in the corner. The graphics are nice, it would be a little better if you used more colour and less 90 and 45 degree angles. Your sword drawing was interesting, maybe you could make more animated drawings like that one.

Strangely, the music doesn't loop, you should work on that. You also need to work on a better UI, with a back button and a selection, if you decide to include a lot.

Work on it.

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Work on it.

For your first submission to be a game, it's pretty good. Just work on making less annoying visuals and better sprite movement. You should also make sure that the game isn't dead-end, because I fell in between the platforms and I couldn't get out.


It was all right, I guess. But still, there has to be a way to make this game useful, like maybe adding Alpha toggling and the ability to share/save it. The crosshairs were a bad idea, and could've been replaced by circles showing where your stroke ends up. An undo button would help, too.

It's what pretty much what everybody wants in illustration software, so by the time this is perfect, it might as well be Adobe Illustrator on the Web.

2/5, I appreciate the idea, but there should be other kinds of games to make.

An idea to polish

I like the idea, but, as said in the author comments, this game will lag a lot, which is unfortunate, which makes finishing the third level impossible.

Obviously, the thing to improve would be the lag. Try calibrating it. Many games with "pretty paper"(full of debris) use it. Like this, the game runs at a very high framerate, and is forced to skip frames if performance is going down. It will look like lag, but all it will be doing is to try to preserve speed.

Physics could also work, sort of like the one in the Ball Revamped series.

4/5, improvement please.

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Kwing responds:

The third level is easily possible. You just need to be very careful.

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Worth an Imagination.

It's catchy, well-synchronized and worth the two minutes of your life. Buildup was nice too.

Good job.



Clean, aggressive beats, just a bit redundant. I love the entering sequence.

The DOWNLOAD part was funny for some reason. :)


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Not the traditional birthday song

Well, for a first song, that's pretty good(considering I haven't submitted anything). The ambience and the sort-of techno style mix together perfectly, which isn't seen very often when checking the techno category.

4/5, the first half could help me fall asleep when in bed.
.:The NeonTide vizz makes this more sleepier:.

nubbinownz responds:

Thanks man. And i'm watching the vizz right now while listening to it again, haha you're right!


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